STEAM RAILROAD REPRINTS (Revised 2011 by Andrew Ludasi, © NAOTC)
RailroadDateSourceMarkingSize, color, comments
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe11/5/39Colo. RR Mus. (1984)printedblue on white cover, Indians at Grand Canyon, full system, pulp paper
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe2/1877Rand McNallyNo4x6, B/W
Atlanta & St. Andrews BaySummer '16A&StAB RR??
Atlanta & West Point & WRyA3/1/1936[Railpix?]?4x9, [1/07]
Baltimore & Ohio1/1898?Stamp4x8f blue on white
Baltimore & Potomac12/22/1884RRAPrint3x5, black on buff
Bessemer & Lake Erie4/1901B&LE RRNo,4x8, orange and black on white
Boston & Albany07/11/1928Rail Pixprintedsystem fm 2, black on white, 4x9"
Boston & Albany9/27/1931Boston St. Ry. Assn (1973)printedBoston - Riverside suburban (fm. 3), black on white
Boston & Maine, Arlington Branch10/1/1894?No4x6, blue on white, thick paper
Canadian Pacific7/19/1892RailfarePrint4x8, black on buff, annotated
CB&Q01/28/2007Intermountain Ch. NRHS (1982)printedsystem, 4x9", black / red cover, pulp paper
CCC&StL (Big Four) (NYC)10/26/1924[Railpix?]?4x9, b&w, [2/07]
Central of Georgia5/1/1937[railpix?]?4x9, [1/07]
Central RR of New Jersey11/22/1854 #3?No?11x8, b/w single
Central Vermont9/30/1928Rail Pixprintedsystem, blue cover, 4x10"
Chesapeake & Ohio04/03/1905[railpix?] sheet4x9 B&W
Chicago, Burlington &, Quincy 10/25/1878?[railpix]No??4x7, b/w
Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville187810/1925[railpix?] 4x9, red on Monon yellow
Chicago Indianapolis & Louisville3/28/1943[railpix?] black on yellow
Chicago, Peoria & St. Louis1920 #5[Railpix?]Sometimes print.4x9 [added 2007]
Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific2/1884CRI&P RRPrint4x9, b/w
Cleve. Cinci Chicago & St. Louis (NYC)10/26/1924Rail Pixprintedsystem fm B, black on white, 4x9"
CNJ9/30/1934Hill Press (1975)printedthru trains TT 101, blue on white, 4x8.5"
Colo & Southern4/1899Colo. RR Mus. (1978)printedsystem, blue / red on white cover, 4x9"
Colorado Midland12/1902CRRMPrint4x9, multi-color
Colorado Midlandundated, but circa 1908Colo. RR Mus. (1984)nosystem, red and black on white cover
Credit Valley10/1883RailfarePrint6x9, b/w
CRI&PNov. 1891Colo. RR Mus. (1979)printedRed and blue on white. System, single sheet unfolds to 18 panels, map on verso. 4x9" folded
D&H10/01/1927Rail Pixprintedsystem fm 100, black on white, 4x9"
D&RG03/01/1913Colo. RR Mus. (2005)noRailroad Red Book, 68 pgs tts and ads.
D&RG / WP7/1915Colo. RR Mus. (1973)printedcombined system, 4x9"
D&RGWSpg. 1936?some with stamp, others not markedBlack on white, looks to be local tts, no map, no equipment list, just tts. single sheet folded to 3.5x8.5"
Denver & Rio Grande8/1890CRRMPrint3x7, multi-color
Denver & Rio Grande/WP7/1915CRRM?4x9, dark red
Denver & Salt Lake1/16/1944Intermountain Ch. NRHS (1974)printedblack on yellow, cardstock
Denver Northwestern & Pacific7/6/1912CRRMYes3x6, black on yellow
Denver NW & Pacific03/19/1905Colo. RR Mus. (1978)printed(no copy in file)
Denver So Park & Pacific7/5/1880Narrow Gauge Motel (1956)printedblack on white, folded to 3x6"
Denver So Park & Pacific12/1880Colo. RR Mus. (1980)printedblack on white, folded to 3x6"
Denver South Park & Pacific7/5/1880?Print3x6, b/w
Denver, Laramie & Northwestern10/22/1911CRRMPrint5x5, black Šn blue
DL&W3/18/1935Rail Pixprintedsystem fm 10, blue on white cover, 4x8.5"
DL&W5/19/1901?noneNJ suburban fm 10A, black on white, 3.5x8.5" on heavy paper
Erie11/1875Vestal Press??
Esquimalt & Nanaimo8/25/1912RailfarePrint4x7, black on yellow
Florence & Cripple Creek6/1896CRRM irint3x7, black & gold on white
Gainesville Midland Ry.12/9/1928first seen 2009poor dot matrix print job3 1/2 x 7; trifold blue paper
Grafton & Upton1/10/1892? 2x5
Grand Trunk5/1881CRHSPrint6x9, black & red on white
Grand Trunk Form A (GTW)10/17/1915RailfarePrint4x9, b/w
Greene County RR 3/20/1927first seen 2009poor dot matrix print job4x7, 4 panels
Hocking Valley7/5/1929[railpix?]?4x9 [1/07]
Hoosac Tunnel Route5/19/1878[railpix?]?4x8; black on blue [2/07]
KCM&O12/06/1925Kachina Press (1982)printedMagenta on white, system #6, US + Mexico, 8 panels, folds to 3.5x8.5", appears reduced in scale.
Lake Shore & Mich. Sou.4/1890??4x9 [2/07]
Las Vegas & Tonopah2/1/1910Fred Arone 3x8, b/w; 2 variants known
Lehigh & Hudson River4/26/1931?No?, b/w
Lehigh & Hudson River (black ink)6/4/1893?No4x7, b/w VERY DECEPTIVE. The real tt is violet ink.
Lehigh & New England3/1931?No3x5, b/w card
LI RR5/22/1899?noblack on white, system
LIRR (L.I. City-Jamaica)12/24/1889?No?f b/w, corr 1/1/00 "
LIRR (L.I. City-Jamaica)9/1893T*&
LIRR (L.I. City-Jamaica)10/1894t*&
Lowville & Beaver River10/30/1932?No3x5, b/w card (produced in quantity, but not a reprint)
Maryland & Pennsylvania2/15/1924?Print3x7, black on pink
Michigan Central5/4/1919[Railpix?]?4x9, b&w,[1/07]
Mine Hill & Schuylkill Haven6/26/1895Fred AroneStamp3x5, b/w card
Monon (see CI&L)    
Nevada Copper Belt07/01/1913?No3x5, blue/copper on white. Copper is dull, should be bright. VERY DECEPTIVE
New York Central & HR8/20/1912[Railpix?]?4x9 b&w
New York Central Lines Form 34211/21/1909?Print3x6, green on yellow
Newport & Sherman's Valley4/27/1907Railfan ExStamp3x5, b/w card VERY DECEPTIVE
Norfolk Southern1/1/1927[railpix?]?4x9, b&w, [1/07]
Norfolk Southern RR01/01/1927Rail Pixprintedsteam division #62, black on white, 4x9"
Norristown & Erie9/27/1925?No3x5, blue on white
Northern Pacific6/1893Vestal Press??
NY & Greenwood Lake-Watchung Ry8/1891T.T. TaborPrint5x5, b/w
NYO&W12/02/1917Rail Pixprintedsystem #108, red / black on white cover, 4x9"
Palisades05/13/1894?No4x6, folded card, pale yellow-lt brown
Palisades05/06/1895?No3 1/4 x 6, folded card, pale yellow-lt brown
Palisades11/01/1895?No3 1/4 x 6, folded card, pale yellow-lt brown
Pennsylvania Form 76/21/1885???
Pennsylvania Form 836/21/1885???printed?4x9 black on yellow
Pere Marquette12/1905?RailPix [1/07]4x9 lt. blue
Pere Marquette6/20/1937?RailPix  
Philadelphia, Reading & Pottsville1/1/1847F. AroneStamp3x5, b/w card
Queen & Crescent2/1905[railpix?] #41, red & blue, [1/07]
Reading Form 10 (Harrisburg Div,)5/26/1907E. SanfordNo5x7, b/w
Reading RR8/9/1933Hill Press (1975)printedTT-8 thru trains, blue / black on white cover, 4x8.5"
Rocky Mtn. Official Ry Guide10/1898National Cameraprinted6x9", 124 pg., covers are printed in green and red ink on buff paper
Rocky Mtn. Official Ry Guide2/1906Pacific Railway Journal (1960)printed8.5 x 11", 116 pg; original tt is approx. 6 x 9.5"
Rutland4/29/1935[railpix?] 4x9, b&w [1/07]
Rutland RR4/28/1935Rail Pixprintedsystem, black on white, 4x9"
Sandy River & RL6/23/1913Ellis Walker (1949)printedsystem #24, black on white, cover + tts only
South Pacific Coast11/1/1887RRAPrint4x7, b/w
St. Louis, Rocky Mountain & Pacific4/28/1912RRCNMPrint5x7, red-green on gray
Tonopah & Tidewater?Nevada RR Mus.noblue cover. Often sold as an original tt. DECEPTIVE
U.P. "Colorado Tourists Folder"7/1887CRRMStamp3x5, b/w
Union Pacific12/16/1939Intermountain Ch. NRHS (1976)printedsystem, pulp paper, 4x9"
Union Pacific11/19/1917Intermountain Ch. NRHS (1975)printedNebraska + Wyoming divs. Fold out, black and white
Union Pacific, Denver & Gulf-Denver, Leadville & Qunnison8/1897CRRMPrint4x9, red-black-blue
Virginia & Truckee6/1904NRRHS 1947Print4x9, red
Virginia & Truckee9/29/1922RRAPrint4x9, red on white
Western Maryland6/16/1929LloydPrintb/w, corr. 7/15/29
Wheeling & Lake Erie 11/10/1921?No4x9, b/w, pulp paper
Wisconsin Central 1/3/1892Soo T&HS  
WP3/1929by Howell North for Timetable Classics (1973)stampsystem + subsidiaries. Orange and black cover, 4x9"

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